Below you will find the official rules of la DDD that each participant must have read and accepted before departure.


The DDD is a cycling event open to all without competition objective and no limit age. Departures are staggered like this:
– Between 8.00 to 8.15 for 110 km
– Between 8.45 to 9.00 for 50 km
– Between 10.15 to 10.30 for 15 km

Bibs will be held on the race day close to the start line from 7.00 AM

At arrival, some showers and a guarded bike park will be available for participants.
For security reasons, it’s not recommended to carers to follow the road race.

Rule 2. Registration fees
Include: A bib, Food supplies, A gift. You must pass by the finish line to be considered as finisher.

Some gifts will be given for the contest of the best vintage style.
1€ will goes to DigestScience a public purpose research foundation on digestive tract diseases and nutrition.
Free registration for children under 6 years.

Rule 3. Assumption of risk – Safety
Any participant acknowledges having read these regulations and accepts it in their entireties. Having fully aware of its vulnerability, it also accepts the normal risks inherent in cycling, such as slides, accidents, individual or group falls. The participant recognizes that the practice cycling on public roads to traffic involves risk and requires that continuously adapts its speed to traffic conditions and road conditions. In case of infringement of the highway code, the offending participant will be solely responsible criminally; Furthermore, it will be legally responsible only accident he would be the autor or the victim, directly or indirectly.
Flag persons will be located at strategic crossroads.

Wearing a helmet is obviously obligatory.

Rule 4. Food supplies
2 food supplies for riders are divided in the middle of the race and at the finish line.
Rule 5. Environmental aspect
To ensure the sustainability of the race, the organizer asks participants to respect the environment and consequently do not throw anything on public roads (energy dose, paper, packaging, etc.). Areas are specially designed for this purpose to food supplies.
Rule 6. Refund
The registration fee will be kept by the organization whatever happens.
Rule 7. Image rights
All participants expressly authorizes the organizers and their dependents, such as partners and media to use pictures or videos, on which it could appear during the event, on all media including promotional materials and advertising for the longest period provided by the legal texts. According to the CNIL, participants may need to receive proposals from companies or associations in partnership with the organizer. All participants also agree that their name is on the list of participants available on the website of the race.
Rule 8. Accept regulation
Registration includ acceptance by the participants of this Regulation, the organizers reserve the right to change for reasons imposed on them by the competent authorities.
Parental consent is needed for minors.