Animations you can find in the Start & Finish place are:

An exhibition of “LES AMIS DE PARIS ROUBAIX”

amis paris roubaix

Les amis de Paris-Roubaix is an association which aim to preserve and maintain the cobbled sectors which are the soul of the race. But also to promote the image of the race organizing events or exhibitions, developing a documentary database and publishing various publications around the race.

On September 18th , they will present an exhibition devoted to the race of the “Paris-Roubaix” with historical, anecdotes, photos, races legends, etc.

Find theme there:

Contest of the best vintage style


In recent years a strong tendency to retro / vintage is back on the road.
Old jerseys that have marked the history of cycling, caps under the helmet with raised visor, fixie or single speed, …
That is why in this first edition of the Dure des Dures a competition of the finest vintage will take place.
It will reward 1 child, 1 woman and 1 man
More details about the competition are to come …



Folk and Blues with Rock’n’Roll touch. 

Taken several years ago by the music that is only a few months as the creations take birth, characterized by rhythms with texts not there by chance.

Full of projects in mind to share and help you discover!
They will have the pleasure of coming frenzied stage on September 18 to the “Dure des Dures”
Find them at 1.00pm on stage.